Digitally Enhanced Store

Interactive shopping experiences bring movement and inspiration to the C&A retail environment.

In Germany, Window to the Worlds encouraged exploration of the C&A product catalog.

Get inspired by the latest looks

In a sea of garments and accessories that defines merchandise authority, C&A provided a digital counselor to collections and their design aesthetic to guide users through discovery.

A combination of large-format interactive displays and more intimate interfaces throughout the store helped shoppers curate their look and drove inspiration.

Window to the Worlds greeted passers-by through an introduction video initiated by motion. Exploration of C&A’s current collections, always kept current though a content management system integrated with marketing and supply chain databases, began the shopper’s journey through the store.

Even mobile got involved when users were invited to download their personalized list of selected garments to the device.

A scanner-enabled catalog offered item pairing recommendations at the dressing room.

Complete your look with recommendations

Digital connection to the environment and all its products continued to the anprobe (literally “try on”) where a scanner-enabled catalog connected the selections in her arms to suggestions chosen from more than 10,000 SKUs.

Recommended accessories and adjacent garments were presented for exploration including available sizes and colors to round out the look. These interactive stations also told the C&A biocotton and environmental production stories for shopping partners who might be waiting for someone in the fitting room.

A gesture-activated dress-up game offered entertainment for kids while their grown-ups shop.

Fun for kids while you shop

C&A clothes the entire family and their kids selection is particularly robust. To help kids understand how cool C&A is as well as keep them entertained, The Industrious designed and engineered a gesture-activated dress-up game populated with actual C&A clothing on adjacent racks.

This easy-to-learn also offered fun sounds and music to engage and increase dwell time. Social media mentions of the engagement exceeded expected counts, but weren’t as big as the children’s smile counts.