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Integrated Shopping Suite

This European fine bedmaker sought a solution to helping clients recognize and define their personal style from hundreds of custom choices.

The Inspiration Bar launched at the VT Wonen & Design Beurs in Amsterdam

Build your dream bedroom

Inspiration Bar  guides clients through the options of style, color, texture, and construction with the shopper as the designer. Swiss Sense tells its brand story through an elegantly executed interactive experience that introduces the beauty and diversity of its offerings and shares its perspective on the superior nature of its build quality. 

On a large format touch screen, shoppers choose a room template that appeals to their personal aesthetic. With simple gestures, the intuitive interface makes beds appear within the room. Shoppers then change the various stylistic options, transforming the image into bed that best matches their wishes. Shoppers who may never have even thought of themselves as designers now participate in the creation of their own spaces.  

3D generated rooms


We rendered nine custom-generated 3D template rooms that serve as showcases for hundreds of bed styles within Inspiration Bar.

Customers can order their perfect bed with the assistance of a salesperson and the tablet app, or on their own with the mobile app.

Extending the reach of the brand beyond the store

The experience of shopping may also include a customer mobile application and a salesperson sales tablet application.

Customers may save the design from the Inspiration Bar to a mobile app. From the app, they configure and order a bed according to their design at their leisure, or perhaps share this inspiration with a sales consultant who can help them further. Sales consultants know precisely what has inspired the customer and can escort them to the display in store that best matches the design.

These three applications work harmoniously to respect the time and opinions of the customer and serve to modernize the experience in a traditional retail category. 

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